This is BioPartsDB – a curated online database of validated parts for gene circuit design, developed and maintained by the Wang Lab at Zhejiang University.

The grand majority of parts and data were not submitted by the original authors. Instead, publications were hand-picked for their relevance to genetic circuit design, high quality of characterization, and large range of parts characterized.

The purpose of this database is to guide the search for genetic parts for new circuit designs. It does not provide evidence of the scientific validity of any component, as this is confirmed by the high quality of the referenced publications.

Presently the platform only highlights parts characterized in E. coli.


Browse through categories of parts, sorted by type (Promoter, RBS, Terminator...), function (Input, NOT gate, Communication...) or by the original publications.


This is a client-based engine for search among all parts in the database, based on keywords, names, and publication titles. Use this to find specific parts on the database.

Help File

The Readme file in this project's github repository has important information on how to browse the database and instructions for adding parts and updating data.


List of other web resources and platforms that could be useful for genetic circuit design.